PostCard From the Edge

PostCard From the Edge

It’s Christmas! The house is spruced up for the season and the tree is up and soon to be decorated. Time to catch you all up with the goings-on in the Dixon family, thankfully all happy this year! Although it’s very cold outside, the sun is streaming into the living room, where Charlie is sharing the couch with me while I create this missive. It’s been a very grey and cold Autumn, so the sunshine is especially welcome.


I’ll start with an update on our son Christopher. After a brutally abrupt end to his marriage on December 1 last year, Christmas was for gathering our little family close and starting the healing process. Our friends embraced us with love throughout the holidays via messages from afar and in person where possible, for which we were very grateful. Then Chris spent a month in Malága, Spain, where he made friends and started to investigate life as a single man. Once he returned home to Toronto, he went back to work, did some dating, and discovered (or was discovered by!) the incredible, accomplished, and beautiful Sara Rasouli! Sara and Chris had occasionally worked together over the past eight years on fundraising events at Ontario Power Generation, and they share many interests, including nuclear science, travelling, good food/wine, as well as having many of the same friends. They have been together now since the Spring and are both very happy.



We met Sara when we went up to Toronto in May and were smitten. Since then, they have visited us here twice. We had a wonderful time together in June and again at Thanksgiving, and look forward to many more visits in the future. Mama and Papa Bear are very happy!


Back here, the old folks have kept on motoring. We took a second “sabbatical” Summer, with visits only from Christopher and Sara, and our dear friend John, who played an organ recital on July 15 and then stayed for a good visit filled with Grant’s marvellous cooking and the usual retirees’ life here of beach walks, Happy Hour on the ocean deck, and scintillating conversation. It’s a hard ol’ life. We also enjoyed meals al fresco, impromptu and planned, with friends Robert and Louis, Dale and Blake, Lynn, Judith and Don, and Chris and Elizabeth from Annapolis Royal. There are always wonderful concerts here, along with art events and festivals, which this year were interspersed with lazy days on the deck in the shade of the big pines, reading or just lounging. Grant rigged up a power source so he could still spend time on his computer while being outside, so he was a happy fellow.


Once the surprise freeze in the early days of June and the following two frosts were over, Summer came on with gusto. It was very hot for a good three months (yay! shorts and tank tops!), more like an Ontario Summer. I was warm for the first time since I moved here! I loved every minute of it but my enthusiasm was not shared by the locals. It was also very dry so watering was essential if I wanted any yield from the vegetable bed or the tomato and herb pots on the deck. I hoped the well would survive and used desert techniques as much as possible. It must have worked — the shelves are full of Grant’s beautiful pickles and tomato sauces, and the grocery store doesn’t see me very often. Earlier in the Summer we picked rhubarb, strawberries, and raspberries, which became a varied selection of delicious jams; later, blueberries followed suit. Even with the heat, I somehow managed to rework two sections of the big front perennial bed, so it’s a little less wild looking. It should also be easier to keep neat as I age.


Unfortunately, Summer dropped off the Earth in late September, and it’s been mostly Winter since. The locals have shared my dismay, as Autumn here is usually as beautiful as Summer, but with no bugs. Not this year. We had a freeze the third week of September, and I spent the next couple of weeks covering the potted plants until after Chris and Sara’s visit in early October. After that, I let nature take its course. Now the gardens are tucked in for the Winter and my full-time occupation is music. It’s crazy busy right now, but in January I hope to do some reading and maybe even return to spinning and knitting. We’ll see if the old hands will allow that. Unlike his hyper wife, Grant doesn’t plan. He just takes each day as it comes. He’s feeling very well, and is enjoying creating masterpieces in the kitchen (seldom the same thing twice), taking artistic photos of this beautiful place, and learning new things every day on his computer. Maybe someday I’ll learn to do this. Maybe.


May the blessings of Christmas bring you joy, and may your new year be happy, healthy, and all that you wish it to be!


Love and Peace,


Grant and Doreen

Charlie and Yeti

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